C.S.A. Coin Restrikes

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The definition of a "Coin Restrike" is coin that has been made with the ORIGINAL DIES. Notice the word "Original". This is what gives the coin collecting value. This is very important because if the dies are not original, then the coin is a copy or reproduction.

There are thousands of CSA coins being sold today using the word restrike and they are NOT. This is especially true at many of the on-line auctions. Beware! These coins have NO COLLECTOR VALUE.

If you are reading this web page and you have paid around $20 or less for you coin, then it is a copy. Think about it! Look at the following table. The originals and early restrikes are the only coins that are NOT defaced. Each of these goes for thousands of dollars each. The later restrikes are defaced (one is shown above) and are easy to recognize. Since the $5 and $20 coins never existed, hence there were never any dies, how can there be restrikes of these coins?

Conclusion: If you have an original coin or early restrike you know it because you paid $1,000's for it. If you have a later restrike you also know it because it looks like the one on this web page. If it has the word "COPY" on it, it is just that. If you don't have any of these, it is a reproduction, PERIOD!

Coin # originals # early restrikes # later restrikes
1 Cent 12 67 17,500
50 Cents 4 1,000 none
$5 none none none
$20 none none none

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